Where Do I Find the Product's Batch Number?

Our bag/roll items have a batch number added to them so we can identify if there is ever a problem with a batch run. If contacting us for support we may ask for this number so we can record any potential problems. See below for where to locate your batch number.

25ft Rolls (Boxed), Bags (Boxed)

For 25ft Rolls that come in a box or bags that come in a box you can find the batch number printed on the inside of the box on the small flat that inserts to keep the box closed, or on top of one of the side flaps. See photos below.

100ft Rolls w/ Cutter Dispenser Box

On the 100ft rolls with a cutter, the batch number is on the inside of one of the side flaps of the box.

Packaged Bags/Rolls

On rolls that are in shrink wrap, the batch number will be printed on the product label. 


To find the batch number for your gaskets, look on the back of the box the gaskets came in. The batch number will be printed near the barcode, it will say "Batch # XXXXX". Where XXXXX is a 4 or 5 digit number.

My Item Came With a Blue / Yellow Insert Card

If your item came with an insert card, the batch number is printed on the card.


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